What´s New?

"You Rock"

We are pleased to announce a new employee recognition program called "You Rock". This program will give patients (and their parents) the opportunity to recognize members of our staff who have provided outstanding service.  We will have "You Rock" comment cards which can be found at both our check-in and check-out desks.  The completed cards can be placed in the baskets which are also sitting at the check-in and check-out desks.  We will then be posting these cards on a bulletin in the front office area for patients, visitors, physicians and staff to see.  The program reflects our gratitude to our staff who will be recognized for their hard work and dedication.  As always we look forward to serving the pediatric needs of the St. Louis community and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Vision Screening ages 1-4

Our goal here at St. Louis Pediatric Associates, Inc. is to provide the best care possible for your children, which includes making sure that their eyesight is normal. 

To identify vision problems, our practice uses a machine called the Spot Vision Optical Photo Screener.  This is an automated screening tool that takes infrared pictures of a child’s eyes to look for the most common, treatable, conditions that affect vision:  refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, unequal power and astigmatism), amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and anisocoria (pupil size anomalies).    

This Photo Screener allows us to screen toddlers and preschoolers and identify, at a younger age, if your child requires the immediate attention of a vision care specialist.  Based on the results that we obtain during the screening, we may refer your child to an eye specialist for further evaluation and testing.  


Automated screening does not replace a complete and comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, nor can it detect all eye diseases or conditions. 

Most insurance companies cover the cost of this screening, however plans vary with all providers and this screening may not be a covered benefit.  ALL CHARGES WILL BE FILED WITH YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER, BUT IF THEY ARE NOT COVERED FOR ANY REASON YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE $22 SCREENING FEE.    

  • In some cases, if you have separate vision insurance, they may pay for the test.  We are happy to provide you with a receipt to submit to your vision insurance plan if you need one.  We will not file any claims to an individual’s separate vision insurance plan.


If your child does not already see a specialist for eye care, it is our recommendation that you elect this service to see if further care is needed.